Pabst Patent Group: Intellectual Property Law


Our patent prosecution practice is focused on providing our clients with the broadest patent protection, while at the same time containing costs by performing selective and consolidated filings.

Drafting, Filing and Prosecuting

Our professionals have many years of experience in drafting and prosecuting patent applications in the life sciences. We file and prosecute US and non-US patent applications. We work with our extensive network of foreign associates to protect our clients' intellectual property in jurisdictions all over the world.


When drafting patent applications, we focus on ensuring that claims are enforceable and offer maximum possible protection to exclude competitors. We understand that the goal is not just to obtain a patent, rather it is to obtain commercially meaningful claims and ensure that the patent can withstand challenge.

International Implications

Patentable subject matter and description requirements vary by country. Furthermore, the costs of foreign patent prosecution are substantial. To avoid costly surprises, we consider relevant US and foreign patent law issues when drafting patent applications.


In the event that the claims of an application are finally rejected by an examiner, our firm often successfully manages the appeal process. We have often presented written and oral arguments before the United States Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences and have been co-counsel before the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. Additionally, we frequently assist in appeals before the European and Japanese Patent Offices.

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